The workshops were held from October 2013 to April 2014. The participants were chosen based on the recognition, in their history, of the political component. Through storytelling and theatrical techniques the protagonists of the laboratory have activated a process of sharing their memories. They got acquainted with narrative techniques using change of perspective, as positioning in space, view-pointing and time-line. Dialogue training prepared them for interview situations and discussions. We have retraced the moments when their personal history intertwined with the "big History" and we have investigated the impulses, hopes, visions, but also the shadows of their own personal utopia, from the point of view of their present condition of citizens.
The participants have re-created their own biography telling their story as a theatrical narration in collaboration with professional theatre operators.
The renewed experience of the group have opened a new confidence in the possibility to share and communicate with their peers and with the wider community. The process has became a way to reassign value to political and civil real life of the seniors, becoming aware of the continuation of their action as moral legacy. The practical work has also helped to form small communities of individuals, which could cultivate new possible friendships.


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