This website is the place where we have deposited the testimony of the project, or rather, of Wise’s adventure. An adventure that has spanned two and a half years, and that hopefully is not over yet. In the website, you will be able to trace the spark of the original idea, of the first steps, of the journey, the methodology, the contents and the protagonists. Wisecampus bears witness to the project’s stages, to its exchanges – from artists to learners, from learners to artists, to the audience, from the audience. It is our archive. But, like any other archive, it needs to be frequented and animated to be truly alive. And since the whole project was born as a reflection about what a baton-pass between generations means, the first recipients of the website had to be the younger generations, together with those offering them guidance – their teachers. In this way, the website can become a tool to learn how to learn in this continent with no more frontiers, through the faces, the voices, the words of those who have chosen to tell a story, their story. They will learn the History, the Geography, the Language and Languages, the Art of this place made of landscapes, monuments, countrysides, cities, streets and exchanges. But also, and especially, made of people. Those same people who met each other at the Closing Conference that took place on 21st April 2015 at the Teatro delle Muse of Ancona and culminated in the presentation of this website to the learners, the students and the citizens.

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